We are also equipped with a mobile tower yarder, especially suited for whole-tree extraction on sites inaccessible to ground-based equipment due to slope gradient, terrain roughness or poor soil bearing capacity.

Fitted with a folding tower, this machine is more versatile than sled-mounted yarder winches, as the latter take longer to install and are most suited to long-distance cable yarding on sites deprived of road access.

Technical data :

Model: Valentini V 1000
Max. span: 1000 m for a 7 t cable tension, or 1200 m for a 5 t cable tension
Avg. empty travel speed: 7 m/s
Tower height: 18 m
Prime mover: Truck ASTRA HD8 8x8 45 Mux Extraverstärkt

Valentini V 1500
The V1500 is a larger version of the proven V1000, particularly effective for its longer line capacity and higher speed.
Line length 1500 m, with 7 t maximum pull
Line length 1800 m, with 4 t maximum pull
Average speed of the empty carriage: 9 m/s
Maximum height of the telescoping tower: 18 m
Prime mover: truck ASTRA HD8 8x8.45 Mux supercharged

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